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The PAOS business style

The management consultants with design up their sleeves

"Communication" is crucial in today's information-intensive society. It matters little how good an idea is or that good products have been developed, since such are worthless unless their excellence can be communicated and acknowledged. A working concept in industrialized society, the creation of "information value" has become a cardinal concept in the information society of today. In contemporary society, companies must face up to the necessity of creating "intelligent (mental)" and "alluring" management resources as well as the more traditional "physical" resources, namely: people, products, money and information. Managing a business means having a growth paradigm that articulates how to achieve attractiveness in social and cultural sphere, not just in terms of market value, and also means cultivating corporate citizenship.
We believe that the time for design, as the leading industry with the ability to transform these concepts into reality, is upon us.

Management resources and marketing management in an advanced information society

Framework underpinning current management resources and brand marketing strategies.

At PAOS we do everything in our power to avoid taking on CI projects that simply require the creation of visuals and projects that are focused on brand development. This is because such projects will not result in the development and/or establishment of a genuine corporate identity (a strategy that gives meaning to the existence of a company in our information-driven society).

At heart, CI is about articulating a philosophy and policy aimed at legitimizing the existence of a company in our sophisticated information-communication society, getting this into use throughout the organization and by affiliated groups, and establishing it as a part of social and market mechanisms by demonstrating its sensuous (aesthetically-pleasing) and value-(meaning-) based appeal. The goal is to find ways of creating powerful "information value (a competitive edge)" for use in management and marketing, of preserving and utilizing this and of creating values for the next generation.

The ability to create this type of information value represents a crucial management resource in today's sophisticated information-driven society, a fact attested to by our track record of success on the numerous projects that have been cultivated by PAOS down the years. PAOS are the management consultants with "design" in the broadest sense of the word up their sleeves.

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