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The PAOS basic approach

Exploration and development: PAOS as a corporate laboratory

From the very beginning, our goal has been to establish an "intelligent and aesthetic service industry" that is brimming with creativity. We have adhered faithfully to this approach to "emotional" creativity (value creation) and have built up our business by creating good operating environments for businesses and vouchsafing new values to people's everyday lives. What this means is that PAOS has gone out of its way to avoid taking on one-off design projects and steered clear of methods that require specialization in a particular field of design, in an ongoing quest to create new values that are more humanistic, social, cultural and without borders. This signals our commitment to using projects as a means of demonstrating to companies the significance and expedience of making effective use of designs along the management continuum.

The pursuit and development of our unique, ongoing "meta-design movement" is what has sustained PAOS down the years. Whether in civilian life, business or government, the role of design as intelligent, aesthetic and sensitive infrastructure is becoming increasingly significant as society matures. Amidst the myriad social systems and living environments of contemporary society, how can we contribute to accomplishing common denominated them in terms of design? In this sense, it is critical to keep a clear eye on the bigger picture in a macro perspective. We see ourselves as a corporate laboratory (experimental company) and believe that our social mission lies in the ongoing creation of new ideas, new methods and new mechanisms.

PAOS' first corporate advertisement issued two years after establishment (circa 1970)

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