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The PAOS philosophy

PAOS principles

Training up outstanding designers and creating beautiful designs are obviously important, but PAOS has long held in the importance of philosophy-driven, schematic design that lends itself to the systematic development of businesses and society.

Progressive Artists Open System (maintaining a flexible system that is forward-thinking and creative so as to deliver the most appropriate solutions to clients), our founding philosophy, symbolizes the point of departure for all PAOS projects and their overarching goal.

Good Design is Good Business is another key phrase in the PAOS lexicon.

Exceptional designs and the values created therefrom bring good business to client companies, which result, in turn, benefits the creators and providers of those designs. The merits of the design's form and image are naturally important but, believing that image design should exist following the clarification of the design of a company's raison d'ĂȘtre and business processes, in short, the emotional resources (software) of a firm, PAOS has continued in its pursuit of research and application for the goal.

While results are dependent on the client brief, the PAOS philosophy has been realized in multiple ways on projects implemented for more than one hundred companies to date. As design consultants in the broadest sense of the term, PAOS has a long track record of success. We have also produced more than 50 publications (foreign language versions included) on our findings and for educational purposes.

In recent years, unimaginative and superficial corporate identities have become widespread and "brand" as popular epidemic has become the buzzword of the moment. At PAOS, however, ever since the notion of "brand strategy" was conceived, the scope of proposed solutions offered to clients has been diverse, encompassing corporate philosophy creation, planning for new business operations and the formulation of brand and design systems, where such are believed to be necessary to achieving client goals.

Ongoing is our quest for and use of a unique method with intelligent and aesthetic management at the heart of business, including these "visible" (tangible) and "invisible" (intangible) designs. In the process, we have learnt much concerning the ability of sensuousness, comfort, security and individuality, as the core elements of PAOS designs, to engender new growth and culture in organizations, affect organizational restructuring and spark solid results. We believe that our position as the pioneer of the meta-design sector makes PAOS unique.

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