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PAOS' track record in system design:Academyhills

Logomark Academyhills

Trade name
: Academyhills (Mori Building Co., Ltd.)
Project start date
: 2003
Presentation date
: 2004
: Hitoshi KOIZUMI
: Mori Building Co., Ltd.

Furnishing the brand image and VI system befitting an urban school that fuses art and intelligence.

The Roppongi Hills complex is a new landmark in the heart of Tokyo. The complex is home to Academyhills, a new "artelligence" school that fuses the worlds of art and intelligence, and our main brief was to find ways of reinforcing this brand identity. The first commission received from Academyhills (located on the 49th floor of the Mori Building) was a request to Motoo NAKANISHI, PAOS' CEO, to lead a new course entitled "Brand Management". Subsequent to this, we were consulted regarding Academyhills' messages, which were piecemeal and low quality, which resulted in the development of a visual identity system that would refine, fine-tune and systemize the rough logotype and make it possible to transmit a powerful brand image. Academyhills continues to boast the strongest brand image of the many facilities and businesses located in the Roppongi Hills complex.

The VIS tree illustrates the strong sense of unity.

Simplicity and lucidity were also benchmarks for application to create messages with a strong impact.

Given the need to produce large quantities of all printed matter, particular thought went into the color design system.

Academyhills stationery

A relative comparison of partially-optimized old designs (left) and the fully-optimized and highly unified new designs (right).

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