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PAOS' track record in business development:Sekisui Heim

Logomark Sekisui Heim

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Trade name
: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Project start date
: 1972
Presentation date
: 1973
: Sekisui Heim

In the early seventies, when a dozen or so companies in the industrialized housing industry were engaged in a battle for survival, a program aimed at commercializing a revolutionary construction method proved a runaway success in the creation of a new business.

Consulted by Sekisui Chemical regarding its entry into and success in the housing market using its "unit construction method" - a ground-breaking new prefabrication technology, PAOS came up with a concept book, a fact book, a BI design manual and a mid- to long-term business development plan that gave rise to a rare and unprecedented large-scale business development success story. As "creators of inspiring growth", PAOS-style CI was later positioned as a new type of consultancy business by Harvard Business School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, but the majority of the prototypes that comprise this consulting technique were spawned by this project for Sekisui Heim. The project continued for around twenty years, but the most critical factor to its success was the meeting with Mr. Tetsuro TAKADA (then planning section chief), the visionary, duty-bound man who was our contact at Sekisui.

A commercialization project for a revolutionary new construction method in which almost 90% of a house is fabricated at the plant.

Developmental versions of the new logotype.

The conceptual model created from PAOS' first VIS tree
This highly persuasive working equation became a standard element of all subsequent projects.

Early versions of promotional materials

First line stationery

The business concept book and managerial goal plans that were key to the success of this project.

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