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PAOS' track record in business resuscitation:Kenwood Corporation

Logomark KENWOOD

Place your cursor over the logo to reveal its former incarnation.

Trade name
: Kenwood Corporation
Former trade name
: Trio Corporation
Project start date
: 1981
Presentation date
: 1982

Bold innovations accomplish a spectacular turnaround: the success of the Kenwood project was to become known as a mythical success for CI.

Trio, one of Japan's top three audio manufacturers, was crippled by a sharp slump in business. Our commission came directly from Mr. Kazuyoshi ISHIZUKA, the company's president at that time. PAOS responded by proposing a new name for the corporate brand: KENWOOD; this proved overwhelmingly popular among young consumers and the company grew into a globally renowned brand. The results of this turnaround project were prodigious and the company's turnover doubled within five years.

Design concept

The four finalist candidate designs

Patterns of logo development

The VI development policy spared no pains with the company's legacy, converting everything into media – even plant exteriors, which underwent a dramatic makeover to become company signboards.

KENWOOD car stickers proved so popular with the young that they sparked a global craze.

The CI project triggered phenomenal growth in sales and five years later the company was renamed Kenwood.

Contemporary newspaper articles tell of the company's sensational revival.

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