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PAOS' track record as a brand strategist:NTT DoCoMo

Logomark NTT DoCoMo

Trade name
: NTT DoCoMo, Inc
Project start date
: 1991
Presentation date
: 1992
: Keiko YOKOI

At the dawning of the age of mobile telephony, an iconic brand was born: "DoCoMo: anytime, anywhere, with anyone".

Before brands had become the global phenomena that they are today, before the circus that surrounds branding had a chance to grow up, PAOS had already had a hand in the development of several prominent brands and BI strategies. NTT enlisted PAOS to develop a corporate identity for its mobile telecommunications network business which was to be incorporated as an independent company. PAOS responded by establishing two key concepts: "Do Communications" and "Communications over the Mobile Network". Ms. Keiko YOKOI, the specialist asked to come up with a name for the new company, proposed "DoCoMo" as a combination of letters taken from these concepts; this conjured up images of the dawning of a dynamic and independent era of personal communication and led to the creation of an iconic design and the birth of the unique logotype that continues to be used to this day. Marrying uniqueness and familiarity, the NTT DoCoMo brand was singled out for the grand buzzword award and achieved overnight fame as the power brand with wings.

The seemingly miraculous "DoCoMo" brand name was the product of detailed concept work.

The original head office reception desk

Press release

Store signboards

Paper bags: a representative example of design application,

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