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PAOS' track record in philosophy and strategy creation:Benesse Corporation

Logomark Benesse Corporation

Place your cursor over the logo to reveal its former incarnation.

Trade name
: Benesse Corporation
Former trade name
: Fukutake Publishing Co., Ltd.
Project start date
: 1979 (first CI review), 1988 (second CI review)
Presentation date
: 1994
: Benesse Art Site Naoshima

Philosophy branding achieves major breakthrough for regional entrance exam support services. Based on the celebration of humanity, Benesse became a representative creator of culture in corporate Japan.

Mr. Tetsuhiko FUKUTAKE, the president of the Okayama-based Fukutake Publishing Company, came to PAOS because he did not want the company to run its course as a regional supplier of entrance exam support services. For the first CI project, PAOS put forward a maxim that would serve to guide the company in the future that comprised three key words: Informatization, internationalization and enculturation. For the second CI project, implemented a decade later, PAOS suggested that the company develop a unique visual identity in the Benesse philosophy brand. Benesse derived from the Latin words "bene" (good) and "esse" (to be). The stock market flotation reached a record high. The company went on to establish the Benesse Art Site Naoshima (designed by Tadao ANDO), a contemporary art museum and hotel on Naoshima, an island in the Seto Inland Sea, an enculturation nonpareil. The fulfillment of these CI strategies transformed Benesse into a much-admired corporate entity powered by a favorable image with consistently held expectations and aspirations that stands out as a representative example of a culturally-oriented Japanese company.

"Enculturation", one of the keywords in the company's future was to prove particularly decisive in its evolution.

Benesse's basic philosophy

The design of the humanoid character in process
(Co-designer: Shin MATSUNAGA)

The ceremony to unveil the philosophy brand "Benesse" coincided with the company's 35th anniversary and was attended by all employees.

The four original commemorative posters
(Design: Shin MATSUNAGA; Copy: Takashi NAKAHATA)

The party to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary was held in the new head office building.

Company stationery

The company changed its name to "Benesse Corporation" to mark its fortieth anniversary. It broke new records when the company's stock was listed.

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