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PAOS' track record in philosophy and strategy creation:Bridgestone Corporation

Logomark Bridgestone Corporation

Place your cursor over the logo to reveal its former incarnation.

Trade name
: Bridgestone Corporation
Former trade name
: Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd.
Project start date
: 1980
Presentation date
: 1984
: Masanori UMEDA

Becoming the world's leading tire manufacturer, expanding into sports, lifestyle and other new areas of business, the impetus was derived from a new brand image.

Having been requested by Bridgestone to undertake a CI project in commemoration of fifty years in business, PAOS undertook an in-depth analysis of the company and came up with "Bridgestone is expanding, across the globe and into people's lives" as the CI objective. In the early eighties, Bridgestone Tire had captured the lion's share of the domestic market; its goal, however, was to branch out into other areas in Japan and to become the world's leading tire manufacturer. Priority was initially given to establishing a visual image and brand strategy for the company, the idea being that these would then serve as the motive force, pulling the entire company in their wake. Superlative control exercised over the global brand image was instrumental in transforming the company into an entity capable of accomplishing its overarching goals.

The design concept was the product of various surveys
(The image marketing concept for a company that was ranked sixth in the tire manufacturing stakes, but sought to become the global leader).

Developing major billboards for urban locations.

The standing Bridgestone sign that was installed at all company plants.

Testament to Bridgestone's world-class technologies, it supplies tires for Formula 1 cars.

Logotype developed for Bridgestone's sports goods venture.

The basic VI tree used to develop the global brand strategy.

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